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Start now with out top ten energy efficiency tips (에너지 절약하는 10가지 팁)

1. Switch off
  (스위치를 꺼라)
Standby power can account for up to 10% of household energy use.
Home office and entertainment appliances are the worst offenders. Switch
appliances off at the power button or, better still, switch them off at the wall.

2. See the light
(절약형 형광등을 사용해라)
Energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) use 80% less energy
and last around 10 times longer. Always turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.

3. Save on hot water 
(더운물 사용을 줄여라)
Hot water systems are the biggest energy user in the average home. Reduce costs by installing a 3-Star rated shower head and consider taking shorter showers – 1 minute less per shower saves enough electricity to run a medium sized LCD TV for around two hours!

4. Cold wash, natural dry
(찬물로 빨래하고 빨래를 자연건조 시켜라)
Use cold water in the laundry, and on sunny days give the clothes dryer a break and hang your clothes outside.

5. Fridge facts
(에너지 등급이 높은 새 냉장고를 사용해라)
Because they run 24/7, fridges account for a large portion of energy use.
An old inefficient fridge can use three times the energy of a new one.
Do you really need that ‘beer fridge’ on all the time?

6. Look to the stars
  (에너지 스타등급을 확인해라 = 별이 많을수록 좋음)
Try to buy appliances with the most star ratings. More stars = better savings.

7. Smarter heating
(가스 히터사용 & 방을 너무 따뜻하게하지마라)
Gas heaters are much more cost effective than portable electric heaters during winter. Try not to overheat your home. To save energy, the temperature of a heated room in winter should be between 18-21ºC.

8. Be insulated
(집에 단열재를 사용해라)
Make your home thermally efficient with ceiling insulation that keeps winter warmth in and summer heat out. The Federal Government is offering insulation rebates of up to $1600 – go to

9. Keep the heat in
(창문이나 문틈으로 열기가 빠져나가는걸 막아라)
Draught proofing under doors and around windows is also a cheap and

easy way to improve the insulation in your home. A lot of heat can also be lost through windows. So, it is important when heating your home to cover windows by closing blinds or curtains. And remember to close doors to rooms that are not in use.

10. Monitor your pool pump
(수영장 물펌프 사용량을 측정하라)
Pool pumps are silent energy guzzlers. Effectively monitor your pool
pump usage. The cooler the weather, means less pump time is needed.

For more energy efficiency tips go


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